INN634 Twitter Activities

INN634 students were urged to join twitter as an excellent platform for tapping in to the LIS industry’s discussions. As an introduction to twitter use, INN634 students were required to participate in 5 discussion topics with the subject cohort.

The first twitter discussion was simple and provided both an introduction for all INN634 students and peer insight into student interests and/or career aspirations. Students were asked to state why they were studying LIS or what hopes and expectations they held for themselves or the industry. My response was:

Working in the peripheries of information resource management and databases lead me to studying for a library and archives career #INN634

My current occupation deals with databases and research, I’m hoping the LIS masters will improve my current performance and make use of my job to launch deeper into the LIS industry.

Students were then required to define the word information professional. I thought this was an excellent task given than the term is so multifaceted, and in defining it LIS students revealed their intended career applications. My response was:

Providing information service guidance and innovation in businesses stuck accepting old habits Better info systems better businesses #INN634

My interests in LIS are both corporate and government services. I felt this tweet was applicable to both contexts.

A “Live Tweet” of an episode of Australian TV series ‘ Librarians’ was then required. My responses are available on my twitter. In summary, I found the experience frustrating. I can appreciate the effort to provide a fun introduction to a procedure that’s used to participate in convention discussions. But I really did not enjoy the Librarians episode. I felt that an LIS related TED talk would have been better practice and far more enjoyable to live tweet. Andy from agnosticmaybe provides a list of 5 TED talks librarians should watch.

Tweeting 3 photos that describe you as an LIS professional provided a fun activity for increased discussion and cohort interaction. I tweeted books, history, and a beautiful library building. These are the things I want in my LIS career.

The final twitter activity asked students to recommend a twitter account to the INN634 cohort. My response was

Hey guys, @UkNatArchives has an excellent twitter feed for us LIS students. Something to look at replicating in our own works. #INN634

I found this twitter activity to be the best of the semester. It increased the cohorts industry readership and broadened our occupational awareness.